Construction of residential buildings

In the residential segment, our goal has always exceeded the creation of a balance between size and functionality of space. We focus on how to create a property that based on the wishes of the owner may be swiftly used as an investment or become a beloved home for future generations. Achieving this goal challenges pragmatism. We believe that this maintains Daramis’ leading position and long-term development in the market while enabling sustainable growth.

Interior design

We create more than just a place to live. We are aware of the needs of our customers and therefore strive to design innovative spaces with maximum efficiency and comfort. The owner of the apartment is always involved – from the earliest stage of preparation of the project to the delivery of each residential building. Our customers always come first. That’s why we can offer individual design solutions tailored to your wishes and needs to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Project management

Thanks to our position on the real estate market in the Czech Republic, we have built our reputation as a leading provider of complete design and construction solutions that meet the housing needs of different lifestyles. We currently have 13 new projects in different phases of planning.


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Omri Sivor, Founder & Chairman

“We owe our success to consistently identifying feasible investment opportunities and following through with superior execution capability. This strategy has proved to yield impressive returns for both Daramis and its partners, satisfy the high criterion of our team and foster mutually beneficial partnerships with financing banks.”


Yariv Ronen, CEO & Partner

“Established in the Czech Republic during the year 2000, the company continuously strives to create timeless value by developing robust projects, with benchmark quality, innovative in-house engineering and customer centric approach.”