We build around you

The investment company implements Czech know-how in partnership with a Bulgarian company that manages its own real estate in the capital over the past 13 years – Papaya Investments Bulgaria. The cooperation of the two companies ensures the success of the enterprise, but also provides comfort and quality to anyone who has taken advantage of the opportunity to acquire a home from Daramis Bulgaria. The aim of the team of Czech and Bulgarian specialists is to provide a comfortable living environment through spacious and cozy family homes that emphasizes the concept that the home is an investment that brings together the family and contributes to warm memories.

Buildings in Bulgaria



Nenad Kostadinov

Business Development and Marketing Director – Bulgaria

”It’s easy to work with people with whom you share the same idea for discipline and precision. I am proud to be part of DARAMIS as it enables me to provide that “last touch” that the Bulgarian market desperately needs. We are here to build around you, and you will notice us.”

Milena Grigorova

Chief Engineer for Bulgaria

”In my 25-year practice as a construction engineer, I have always followed the rules at all costs. At Daramis, the goal is not just that, here we always create something more.”