Paramont is a luxury residential building located in the prestigious Manastirski Livadi-East neighborhood. Just a few steps from Bulgaria Blvd
– a convenient access to both the city center, the Boyana neighborhood and Vitosha Nature Park.

We named our building Paramont because of its location at the skirts of the mountain on Vasil Stefanov Blvd that utilizes all the advantages of the area, including unique views of the northern slope of Vitosha and the heart of the city. The beautiful facade provides a wonderful aesthetic that blends perfectly with the surroundings of the area.

The building is predominantly residential, with shops on the street level and two lobbies through which access to both residential sections is provided. Еach apartment has an underground parking and storage.

PARAMONT includes 52 apartments and studios, shops, underground parking and storages. Еvery apartment has access to staircase and an elevator providing connection to all floors from underground to 7th floor.

  • All apartments/studios will be finished according to BDS standard;
  • Finished plumbing installations;
  • The lighting installation will be completed with moldings and switches and the power supply with contacts. There will be lightning protection and grounding installations;
  • A full low-voltage installation will be implemented in all apartments, including TV and internet outlets, bell and intercom system in every unit;
  • Lighting in corridors and common areas will be via motion detectors;
  • The common parts will have luxury granite finishes;
  • It is extremely important for us to keep the façade of the building clean and beautiful, therefore we will make the preparation for the air condition installation in a way you can choose the type and the brand, and install the outdoor unit in a prefixed location which is easily accessible;

Advantages of the building:

  • Luxury lounges;
  • Spacious elevators;
  • Landscaping and decorative flooring around the building;
  • Underground parking;
  • Playground;
  • Access control;
  • Easy access to Bulgaria Blvd through Vasil Stefanov Blvd;
  • Close to tram station;
  • 5 minutes walk to Bulgaria Mall;
  • 5 minutes walk to fitness and SPA centers;
  • Close to several private and public schools;


The construction of the building is made of reinforced concrete with mixed structural system. The construction will be developed using monolithic technology. The facade walls are designed as 25 cm ceramic brick walls with an 18 cm thermal insulation layer. The final coating will be made mainly of mineral plaster with a total thickness of 2 cm, laid according to all requirements of the manufacturer. In some places, there will be clinker slabs imitating brick.

The window frames will be aluminum with thermal break by the Schuco company with double glazing and PVC five-chamber frames with Trocal profile, triple glazing with low-emission glass (four seasons).

The partition walls between the premises in the building are planned as 25 cm brick walls. The partition walls inside the premises will be made of 12 cm walls.

The roof of the building is flat, filled with reinforced concrete supporting structure.

The balconies will be with XPS thermal insulation, two-layer waterproofing with protection, quality granite tiles.

Beautiful railing on the stairwell and on the terraces – a combination of metal and glass-triplex.

Stairs – reinforced concrete structure, finished entirely with granite steps and fronts.

Elevators – Brand “Orona”, high-tech, secured with protection in the event of a power failure or accident, completed shafts, doors and cabins.

The building has underground parking, one floor with public functions, seven residential floors and one residential /terrace/ floor in the following structure:
A number of 2 entrance spaces provide pedestrian access to the floors of the building. They are located on the northeast facade, on Vasil Stefanov Blvd. Entrance spaces are directly related to vertical communications.

The building has 3 shops on the ground floor facing Vasil Stefanov blvd.

The parking spaces provided are for 54 vehicles.

First floor /L1/ – elevation +3.74:
First floor /L1/ – elevation +3.74:
6 two-bedroom apartments and 2 studios (two rooms)

Second floor /L2/ – elevation +6.80:
6 two-bedroom apartments and 2 studios (two rooms)

Third floor /L3/ oom elevation +9.86:
6 three-room apartments and 2 studios (two-rooms)

Fourth floor terrace /L4/ – elevation +12.92:
4 apartments – 2 four-room apartments; 2 three-bedroom apartments and 2 studios (two-rooms)

Fifth floor /L5/ – elevation +15.98:
4 apartments – 2 four-room apartments; 2 two-bedroom apartments and 2 studios (two rooms)

Sixth floor /L6/ – elevation +19.04:
4 apartments – 2 four-room apartments; 2 two-bedroom apartments and 2 studios (two rooms)

Seventh floor /L7/ – elevation +22.10:
6 apartments – 2 two-rooms, 4 one and 2 studios (two rooms)

Eighth floor terraced /L8/ – elevation +25:
2 apartments – 2 four-bedroom apartments, penthouse type.

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